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Friday, February 11, 2011

never a last poem

it was a year ago
when i saw your smiling face,
it was also the first time you smiled at me,
your smiling face makes my heart goes thump, thump...

i realized at that very moment,
i have fallen for you,
morning breeze brings me your gentle whisper,
it says,"i am sorry, i love you"

i do not want to remember
the night you broke my heart,
the night you told me you have the other one,
the night you left me alone in the dark...

maybe it wasn't meant to be told,
maybe it wasn't to be expressed,
maybe it wasn't meant to be written,
maybe we weren't meant to be together...

i promise,
this will never a last poem,
i will never stop my words,
i will never resist writing another poem,

this way,
i will always remember you,
i will never say goodbye
for there will never a last poem.........

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