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Friday, April 1, 2011

that man (ost of secret garden)

taking some time out of my busy schedule to BLOG! i have been listening or more appropriate "hooked" to this song for a very long time. let us have a look at the beautiful lyrics this song has to offer!

there is a man who loves you,
he loves you with all his heart,
he follows you around like a shadow everyday,
he smiles to the world and is hurting inside,
just how much longer should he look at you alone and continue this overwhelming love, this all consuming love?
how much longer will it take for you to love him?
just come a little closer to him,
he wants you with him, but you pull away,
that man is in pain whenever he is with you because he loves you...

that man has learned how to smile
because he has always been guarded,
that man's mind is full of sadness
because he has to keep his feelings to himself,
that man loves you because you are both the same,
you are both fools, a pair of fools,
can you hold him one more time before he go?
he wants to be loved by you,
his heart cries for you, always for you, but you do not hear and yet that man still waits for you.

Do you know i am the man?
you are pretending not to, are you?
you may not know because you are a fool.
just how much longer do i have to gaze at you alone with this overwhelming love, this crippling-like love
how much longer will it take you to love me?
just come a little closer to me
don't run away, stay here with me
that man is in pain whenever he is with you
BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU...................

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