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Friday, April 22, 2011

never a last..............

This is dedicated to my late grandma who passed away on 11 april 2011 at the age of 88.... She was a great lady with great determination.....This is for something i would like to dedicate to my beloved grandmother...... I want her to know that i will always love her and cherish every moment we had once had together............ i love you grandma......

i know it wasn't meant to
be written;
for it will hurt too much;
i am afraid to tell the world how great
you were once;
too scared that i will have to
stop my words and speak no more;
and resist writing another poem;
for i do not want to shed anymore tears.....

memories of you "haunt" me
every second of the day;
just like i wanted to;
just like i wished for;
i regretted the moments i toyed around with time;
not being there with you was my biggest mistake
my biggest sin....

i was going to tell you
how deep i had loved you;
how my heart ache to hold you close;
no... i never had the chance;
you went away;
you left me with only memories of you....

this way, i will always have you
and you will always have me;
i gave you my heart and
you gave me yours;
my heart is all yours;
all yours to keep.......

yes, i have moved on;
but at times
tears still stream down my cheeks
whenever memories of you came into my mind;
moving on doesn't mean
i have to say good bye;
doesn't mean i have to bid farewell;
i will always love you
but with a different way;
in the center part of my heart.....

i promise you;
there will never be a last poem for you;
my last poem will stay unwritten here;
i will write in in the clouds
and let the wind whisper it to you;
i will write in in my heart
and let my sincerity bring it to you;
lastly i will write in my every prayers
and let God read it to you.......



  1. Strength and courage are her clothing.
    and she shall rejoice in time to come...