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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Love is complicated. Love is like a never ending story. A story, a tale that never ends. Do I believe in love? Yes, I do. Have I ever been in love before? Yes, I have. Have I ever been in a relationship?
No, I have not. Not just yet. Like I have said earlier, LOVE IS COMPLICATED.

Love may "look good" on the outside but not necessarily in the "inside".

Ever wondered how to measure how much you love someone? Read the following....

" How much you love someone is not measured by how many gifts, how often you text each other or how often you call each other. How much you love someone is measured by how much you misses each other. how much you think of each other and how much you care for each other. In short, how much you love someone is MEASURED by the HEART...."

Why am i writing this? Hmmm..... I am not asking for more. I am only hoping that the person I love reads this............ I hope he will, one day, see the sincerity and accepts it............. For now, it will be "So long, dear L.O.V.E"

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